The chairman is the Association’s representative and is entitled to act freely in its best interest. He organizes the Association´s meetings, ensures its statutes, summons and heads the Committee´s meetings and directs its employees.
The current chairman is Mr. Ondřej Belica, MSc.

During the absence of the chairman, the vice-chairman is charged with the duties of the chairman and is authorized to act on his behalf.
The current vice-chairman is Mr. Jakub Wagner, MSc.

The auditor´s task is to control that the activities of the Association’s bodies and its management are in accordance with the Association’s legally binding regulations, statutes and norms, and the decisions taken by its members and Committee. Audits are carried out independently of all of the Association’s bodies.
The current CRAA auditor is Mr. Josef Wagner.

Technical committee (Board of Advisors)
The Board of Advisors was set up in order to develop the Standards for Height Activities and to see to their implementation. It creates and up-dates educational materials and course content and ensures that these are strictly adhered to. It further oversees the formation of educators and authorizes instructors to perform their duties. The Board also grants license to training centers. Members and instructors of CRAA are given professional assistance by the Board. Its task is also to inform on any alterations in legal norms and technical standards.
The members of the Board are:
Mr. Jiří Augustýnek          – caving SRT, cave rescue, PPE, vertical rescue, industrial rope access
Mr. Ondřej Belica              – regulations, H&S, PPE, industrial rope access, vertical rescue
Mr. Bohuslav Koutecký – regulations, PPE, caving SRT, cave rescue, industrial rope access
Mr. Milan Linhart              – H&S, PPE, industrial rope access, vertical rescue
Mr. Juraj Toničević          – regulation, PPE, H&S, industrial rope access
Mr. Jakub Wagner            – PPE, H&S, caving SRT, industrial rope access
Mr. Josef Wagner             – regulations, PPE, caving SRT, industrial rope access
Mr. Mojmír Záviška         – speleology, caving SRT, cave rescue