An overview table of the conditions of use of fall arresters in pdf format can be downloaded at:

The method and conditions of use of guided type fall arresters (and safety line adjustment devices) are not only influenced by the requirements of the technical standards (differences between requirements of EN 353-2 and EN 12841 were described in this article), but are mainly based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

It can often happen that seemingly identical fall arresters, meeting the requirements of the same standard, cannot be used the same way or with the same connecting equipment. This can lead to complications in cases when rope technicians with different fall arresters meet at the same workplace and the manufacturer’s instructions are not available at the moment.

Therefore the following table provides an overview of the most frequently used fall arresters and the conditions of their use in accordance with EN 12841 A (Personal fall protection equipment – Rope access systems – Rope adjustment devices – type A: safety line adjustment devices).


Guided type fall arrester Connection with connector Connection with lanyard without energy absorber Use only with connecting equipment of the same manufacturer Use with connecting equipment of another manufacturer Certified with ropes Carrying out the periodic examination
(since 2018)
no no yes Asap Sorber 20

Asap Sorber 40

Asap Sorber Axes

no EN 1891 A

Ø 10 – 13 mm

competent person
(until 2018)


OK Triact-Lock

yes Asap Sorber L71 20

Asap Sorber L71 40

Absorbica L57

no EN 1891 A

Ø 10 – 13 mm

Back Up
Singing Rock
yes no no yes EN 1891 A
Static Ø 11 and 12 mm
competent person
Easy Access

Easy Speed
CT (Climbing Technology)

no no Link 20

Link 40

no EN 1891 A Ø 11 mm


EN 1891 A

Ø 10,5 – 11 mm

competent person authorized by the manufacturer or competent person according to the current national regulations on PPE inspections
(since 2019)
yes Lanyard Webbing

Goblin Rope Lanyard

L 26,30,60 cm



Lanyard Webbing

Goblin Rope Lanyard


steel connector min. length 109mm +/- 5mm, min strength 25kN

EN 1891 A Ø 10 -11 mm (with connector)

EN 1891 A Ø 10,5 – 11 mm (with lanyard and two connectors)

periodic inspections are carried out at least once every 12 months
Singing Rock
no yes, max 20cm


recommended Locker Sling

no yes EN 1891 A
Static Ø 11 mm
competent person for periodic examination  and in accordance with the procedures specified by the manufacturer
(since 2020)
yes no yes


Mobile Lanyard with integrated energy absorber

no EN 1891 A

Ø 11 – 13 mm

qualified person and must strictly observe the manufacturer’s regular inspection methods
(EN 353-2)
Rock Empire
yes yes

L 20 cm

no no EN 1891 A Ø 11 mm manufacturer or a person authorized to check PPE – Category III: simple structures

The table does not replace the manufacturer’s instructions. The information given in the manufacturer’s instructions is decisive and it is essential to read the instruction manual before using any of the listed guided type fall arresters!

Josef Wagner, 31. 1. 2022