Czech Rope Access Association (CRAA – Česká asociace pro aktivity a práce ve výškách, zs) associates natural and legal persons with interest in following:
a. work and rescue at height
b. health & safety carried out at height
c. development, manufacture, certification, distribution and servicing of fall protection equipment,
d. training and education activities carried out at height (especially work at height, single rope technique and related events)
e. single rope technique, one rope technique and related events
f. use of mountaineering, caving equipment and personal fall protection equipment at work
The main purpose of CRAA is to educate sport and wider pubic so the distinction between sports (leisure) and vocational (occupational) rope access, both referred to as height activities, would be clear.
The Association further sets, maintains and guarantees high-level safety standards within Czech Republic and ensures these are strictly followed.
It also educates members and other person with professional or other interest in height activities.
Another aim of CRAA is to co-operate with public administration and other professionally interested subjects.
The Association also points out at the wrong or incorrect terminology in legal norms, technical standards and other documents related to its aim and work and co-operates with authorities on its correction.
It provides consulting and advice in height activities to its members, wider public and relevant authorities.
Its role is also to create, process and comment on, or correct any education or information materials related to height activities.
Last but not least, the Association observes all alterations in regulations, technical standards and directives of EU related to height activities.